חוות דעת נוסעים

“אחלה תחנה שבעולם. תמיד מדוייקים”


“כמה עולה נסיעה בתוך ירושלים ”




“We thailed this taxi outside Yad Vashem museum to get to Sea Dolphin restaurant around 7:45pm today. There were a couple of problems. First, we tried to tell the driver where to go and he didn’t seem to understand but hastily beckoned us into the car anyway. Second, he did NOT turn on the meter and instead demanded a fixed price (100 NIS) for our journey even before starting the car. Third, we said we wanted the cab fare by the meter and herefused. He was very angry and menacing. We were very frightened and immediately decided to leave the car. He waved us off. I got out of the car and took a photo of his license plate. There was a passer-by and we told them what happened. The taxi driver heard us talking and got out of the car to threaten us even more (“what’s your problem?”). We had to run back to the museum so as to feel safer. Please take actions against taxi drivers who take advantage of tourists and work against the regulations laid out by the ministry of transport. Thank you. ”

Catherine Cheung

“I went on a 2km 10mins ride. The driver Iman charges me 52 ILS which is clearly unfair. He also refuse to show me the meter”


“Please call urgently on +447982849699 would like to go to Nabi Musa and hebron please ”


“Picked up at Yad Vashem and ending at the corner of King George Street and Yafo (a ride that should cost 35-40 NIS). Driver alleged the meter was "broken" then when we arrived charged us 60 NIS. Despite me arguing that this is incorrect, he repeatedly lied, refused to give us the appropriate rate and suggested that there were other charges that differ from the ride to Yad Vashem. This cab violated the service protocol an multiple occasions and should not be allowed to drive (as he is openly scamming tourists). His cab number was 07839 and he was an older male that was average height and a heavier build.”

Thomas Chadwick





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